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Jun '13

The TM would allow them to take each buy canada goose jacket

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Canada Goose Parka I don even play anymore but seeing posts about priest being good makes me buy canada goose jacket happy for the priest mains who still play. Priest used to be canada goose factory sale fucking awful and never got their „time canadian goose jacket at the top“ for Canada Goose Online a long ass time. I remember when I used to draw poorly against some brain dead pos and think „well it turn 3 so i guess i lose now“. Congrats to the priest mains that hung in there. It been a long time coming canada goose coats but here you are.Im also still salty canada goose uk outlet about quest rogue. That match up was by far the most lopsided match up in Canada Goose Coats On Sale any game I ever seen. If rogue never had a good deck ever again canada goose coats on sale it would still be too soon (rogue might be good now idk but fuck rogue)I deal with translation of content, and I can safely say that this is bullshit. Any company worth their salt has a translation memory that allows the vendor to machine canada goose translate key phrases. The TM would allow them to take each buy canada goose jacket cheap phrase and easily combine cheap Canada Goose it with any other phrase, and even if they had to do human translation post uk canada goose edit (basically machine translation with a human eye afterward to make sure it not gobbledygook), the number of words that would have to be Canada Goose Parka translated would be minimal, probably 3 4 words per cheap canada goose canada goose uk sale uk combination. The card text itself is only from ONE beast. The zombeast creation takes one card with text and one vanilla card and combines them. So the text translation is already done for the one beast in the combination that is needed for the custom beast. I honestly don’t get how this is difficult to support simply because of the way zombeast creation works. You’re basically adding stats to a card that has text. I usually don’t post much or comment either way on Blizzards antics. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if exactly how DK Rex was implemented was only known to Canada Goose sale a handful of people, all of whom were seriously distracted with the new set.Then, 2 months before the release, somebody asks about DK Rex and the new beasts, and they have to ask, do we spend hundreds of man hours building the new zombeasts, do we overhaul and start a whole design process for zombeasts, or do we literally leave it exactly how it was, which by all accounts was pretty strong anyway. If you’re concerned about resources and getting your release out, the choice is obvious.Honestly their biggest mistake was managing expectations.They set the precedent when they didn give uk canada goose outlet a refund for [[Mekgineer Thermaplugg]] when the [[Leper Gnome]] was nerfed.They set the precedent when they started deprecating all of the interesting „clickie“ equipment from previous WoW expansions.They set the precedent when they bled joy and discovery out of Engineering.This is Blizzard. I decided to stop spending any real money on the game, will still buy arenas here and there, around Mean Streets because the cost of keeping a collection got too canada goose clearance sale insane and I been paying since OB. Around that time I decided to look for another game to replace HS and none of them are as good. They aren bad but I don like the art Canada Goose online they use, the UI of HS is miles Canada Goose Outlet https://www.canadagooseonlineshop.co.uk ahead of everyone else or the fundamentals of the game itself weren as good as HS.If blizzard just stopped with trying to milk every penny out of us they could dominate the market beyond the point of reasonable. They have the best game in the genre by a mile, the other canada goose uk shop ones are filled with canada goose uk black friday people who got sick of HS RNG or pricing, there are hardly any native players to those games they are mostly refugees.Simply if blizz made it so $100 $150 got you all the cards for the set and it cost in the $1k $2k range for all the golden cards, they win both sides, it seems expensive but also reasonable and they dominate canada goose clearance the market. $100 over 3 months would be something I kept up with, right now I not even sure I have enough from the $50 preorder to build all the decks I want to try so I figure why bother?And that why Hearthstone will never become a great game again.Too many delusional idiots that willingly buy every expansion because of a rap video or an AMA Canada Goose Jackets or whatnot.After week, when ppl figured out the most cancerous decks again, it will all go back to the ladder being full of canada goose store it and Blizzard not giving a fuck about each and anyone of you cause they are swimming in all the money that you once again gave themGamer are just a special breed of stupid. No matter where you look. People seem too dumb to do what right and just buy buy buy buy buy buy buy Canada Goose Parka.

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