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Jul '13

It has nothing to do canada goose coats with the fact that we

TheMer0vingian u

TheMer0vingian 34 points submitted 11 hours ago

canada goose store Absolutely ridiculous they even try to argue that. canada goose uk shop There is forensic proof she looked up images of acid attacks on the internet in the preceding days. Also why canada goose clearance sale would she randomly throw a bucket of water on him at 3am? And where would she get sulfuric acid from that it might be mistaken for water? The bucket with the skull and crossbones on it that says CORROSIVE, yeah I could cheap canada goose uk see how that would be mistaken for water. the argument canada goose uk outlet is absurd and the fact she thinks people are this gullible and vulnerable to her manipulation is deserving of having the book thrown at her with full force.

Yep. my gut reaction is that he didn do it. Why would he stick around the village after having killed her, especially seeing as he not a local to that area to begin with? An average reasonable canada goose uk black friday person would get the hell out of there and likely leave the country out of fear and panic of being discovered/arrested/prosecuted for such an act.

canada goose clearance sale Also when looking for someone to blame for the murder, the lone outsider is going to garner natural suspicion from the locals. They want someone to pay for the murder and they decided it was going buy canada goose jacket cheap to be him because in their minds he was probably the most likely to have done it despite there not being any actual proof of who did it.

canada goose Of course I not saying he definitely didn do it, just weighing out the balance of probabilities as I see it.

TheMer0vingian 6 points submitted 2 days ago

buy canada goose jacket cheap Being the best candidate to fight a fire is less important than appearing diverse. If you are trapped unconscious in your 40th floor apartment during a Canada Goose Jackets fire, who do you want to carry you down the stairwell over their shoulder? Someone who has trained hard for 10 years to excel at that dream job they always wanted and just happens to be a white Canada Goose Outlet male or the out of shape female minority diversity hire who threw her name in the hat because she heard they were looking for more transgendered black women in the dept?

Forced diversity quotas are fucking stupid, full stop.

canada goose coats on sale VanIsle_Guy 2 points submitted 3 days ago

canada goose deals Basically. It has nothing to do canada goose coats with the fact that we ration the fuck out of care, buy canada goose jacket and our system isn sustainable in the first place. It all a conspiracy, for the system to be privatized, and „they“ can intentionally make people suffer.

If only there was another country in the world that we could learn from who has a reasonably successful mix of public and private. Damn, there https://www.canadagooseoutletcoats.com are none, because adding any more private service would basically turn us into canada goose clearance the US, the only other type of system there is.

buy canada goose jacket TheMer0vingian 8 points submitted 3 days ago

cheap Canada Goose Is this sarcasm? Australia has a two tiered public/private system and their public system covers more services than Canada (all medically necessary drugs are essentially free to all citizens.) with lower wait times in EDs, lower wait times for specialists, lower wait times for MRIs and equal health outcomes. Plus they don artificially and arbitrarily prevent people from spending their money on additional healthcare if that what they want to spend Canada Goose Coats On Sale it canada goose store on. Rich people still pay their taxes for public healthcare but instead of actually utilizing public services they simply spend additional money and seek care in private hospitals because its faster and there are more canada goose amenities. This incentivizes private companies to build private hospitals, which significantly alleviates the burden on public hospitals and decreases wait times in the public system. It frees up the tax money that the wealthier people have paid to the public system to be spent on services for lower class people since the wealthier people often go privately for care despite paying their taxes.

Canada Goose Parka It Canada Goose online better for EVERYONE when we let people spend their private money in a free market. Everyone deserves a baseline level of government funded care, but the government can only afford so much. Private care can absolutely supplement the public system and actually significantly alleviates burdens on public hospitals and wait times by shifting a lot of people to the private system and freeing up the space and money that would have been used to treat them goose jackets publicly.

canada goose clearance People need to stop having such tunnel vision that the only uk canada goose outlet thing they see when someone mentions private healthcare is the dysfunctional US system to the exclusion of all others. Canadian healthcare is not as good as you think. I been living in Australia for 5 years and have fully experienced both systems.

Canada Goose sale 1.) You canadian goose jacket must hold Canadian canada goose black friday sale citizenship or PR in order Canada Goose Online to Canada Goose sale be eligible to participate in the residency match. The „immigrants taking our residency positions“ are actually all Canadians/permanent cheap Canada Goose residents who simply went to school abroad.

2.) When students who went to school abroad are offered residency training spots they must sign a Canada Goose Parka contract to work in an underserved area following their completion of training for x number of years (length of commitment depending on the province and how remote they work). Canadian domestic grads have no such stipulations and of course continue to insist on training/working only in major cities which further exacerbates the physician distribution problem (hence all these rural GP spots that go unfilled every year).

canadian goose jacket Preventing Canadians who studied abroad from being eligible for any positions has two major uk canada goose effects.

Canada Goose Jackets 1.) It forces residency programs to take potentially sub par candidates instead of those Canadians who they believe are best qualified.

Canada Goose online 2.) It removes the requirement for doctors who fill these spots to work in rural and underserved locations for a period of time, exacerbating the already horrendous distribution problem of physicians

canada goose black friday sale Of the 228 residency slots left unfilled after the first round this year, 42 went to students canada goose factory sale who graduated from medical schools outside of Canada or the United States.

canada goose coats In this case he is right though. One of the quick fixes outside of entitled students not canada goose coats on sale applying to a wide variety of programs is that the 2nd round accepts International immigrants on the same level as Canadians.

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