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Feb '14

He nice enough that he stays but I do feel sorry for him

Paleomedicine u

Did they check for H Pylori, which is the other common cause?

Are you on a low acid diet? A low acid diet seems to be recommended for healing gastritis and it been helping me so far! I also went to r/gastritis and ordered a few supplements they recommended like Slippery Elm and DGL Licorice so I monclerdownjacket be trying cheap moncler jackets womens those!

Paleomedicine 1 point submitted 11 days ago

Yep, checked for H. pylori, Celiac, Lactose Intolerance, SIBO, the works, but the doc couldn find an explanation.

I haven done a full low acid diet, but I been avoiding all the bad foods, like greasy foods, moncler outlet sale onions, peppers, spicy foods, etc. I honestly don really even eat that bad to begin with. But I definitely look into this supplements, I been hearing a lot of the DGL licorice.

I just frustrated that I having these rebound symptoms after stopping the meds moncler uk outlet a month ago. I do cheap moncler jackets have a lot of stress right now, and I hoping it get relieved in the next few months, but yeah it just seems so strange that my body would make all these symptoms www.monclerdownjacket.biz from stress/ anxiety.

PaleomedicineSon of a Shitlord

1 point submitted 14 days ago

I actually saw this happen moncler sale online to one of my colleagues. His gf went from skinny, to becoming overweight/ obese after they got engaged. He nice enough that he stays but I do feel sorry for him, because he does look like he wish she took better care of herself. I said it to others that I would leave someone moncler outlet online if they uk moncler sale gained weight, and I talked with them about it, and gave them opportunities to improve their health. To me, it not just moncler womens jackets a loss of physical attraction, but also a loss of self respect. People don gain weight in a day, it takes time. I very disciplined with both my diet and exercise and I want a partner who shares those same values. If they no longer kept those values, they wouldn be the same person that I loved.

PaleomedicineSon of a Shitlord

5 points submitted 14 days ago

I have personally been fat fished twice on tinder and the first time was honestly one of the worst dates I ever been on. Honestly I pretty upfront about my views on body weight, because I like to exercise, hike, and do a bunch of other physically tasking activities.

The treating women right by paying for everything however, I only ever seen that in the truly selfish girls. With both my previous gfs, I paid for things at first initially, because I was the one asking moncler usa them out, but then it came to be a 50/50 split.

Paleomedicine 1 point submitted 15 days ago

Did YouTube recently do something to their app? I have an old iPad gen 1 and as of yesterday, whenever I try to use the old YouTube app that is compatible with IOS 5.1, it just says moncler outlet woodbury error, tap to retry. It no longer loads any videos. I tried deleting and redownloading the app but nothing has helped. I do have an iPad mini that I can watch YouTube on but I like using the older iPad because it doesn’t play the ads that sometimes pop up during videos, as I watch YouTube videos when I’m trying to fall asleep and uk moncler outlet sometimes loud ads will pop up. Has anyone had similar moncler online store problems or have any advice?

PaleomedicineSon of a Shitlord

35 points submitted 15 days ago

My rant isn’t so much about fat logic, but more of a rant about poor gym etiquette that I keep seeing at my apartment’s fitness center gym. So I live in an apartment complex near a college town and while for the most best moncler jackets part, I have the place to myself when I go, there are times during the year when it gets PACKED with undergrads. And some of these undergrads have some of the worst gym etiquette I have ever seen.

So especially around moncler outlet store New Years and before spring break I see A LOT of new people. And while it’s wonderful that people do try to make a difference and get healthier, a lot of newbies and overweight people have terrible gym etiquette and sometimes it gets really aggravating. Hell, even the skinny ones do the same shit. Sometimes moncler sale outlet people continue to workout but a lot drop off, and that’s also disheartening.

So I guess to the main beef of my rant is that cheap moncler jackets mens I constantly see people: hog pairs of dumbbells, use benches to place these dumbbells on while not actually using the benches, using equipment and then not wiping it down, playing loud music that others can hear, and of course the worst offense is taking pictures of themselves while not discount moncler jackets exercising for several minutes.

This gym moncler outlet prices at this apartment complex isn’t exactly that big and resources are limited, so this kind of stuff really grinds my gears. I love seeing people making a change and wanting to lose weight, but people also need to show the gym and other gym goers with proper respect. Rant over.

ih8gerd 2 points submitted 17 days ago

What your going through is similar to what was happened moncler outlet to me. I had a bad anxiety attack stemming from some person problems and developed horrible GERD/reflux after. The anxiety fed the GERD which made it a horrible cycle. I decided to treat the moncler sale anxiety and started to take zoloft. It made a huge difference with my anxiety subsided my GERD cheap moncler sale was reduced big time. I still have some lingering effects of my PPI use (1 month) but overall I am in better shape.

Treat the anxiety first and see If that helps. I not saying a AD would eliminate your symptoms but it can help short term until your mind and body are right. I don plan to take zoloft after 6 months once I get cheap moncler coats mens over this anxiety hump.

In regards to rebound it takes some people 3+months to get over it depending on how long you used a PPI

Schip_formlady 2 points submitted 17 days ago

If it is stress related then trying an elimination diet like fodmap or fast tract probably won help. I hesitate to suggest this but when I could no longer take my PPI, my symptoms were primarily at night, I started taking half a benedrly before bed along with sleeping on a ramp. I have heard various reasons why this works, and it doesn work for everyone, but in my case, that combined with avoiding trigger foods let me be PPI free. I do need an occasional Tums, but that is pretty minor.

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