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No doubt we see them retro Canada Goose Outlet in 2032 and we « Allgemein « USA Routen und Tipps
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Apr '14

No doubt we see them retro Canada Goose Outlet in 2032 and we

AdamJensensCoat uk canada goose outlet u

canada goose AdamJensensCoat 2 points submitted 1 day ago

canada goose clearance sale It doesn matter if the financial instrument you use is dollars, yen, buy canada goose jacket or T bills. You can escape the structural asymmetry of debt in the developed world just by buying into a Canada Goose Online deflationary pool that is alsopegged to the dollar. But you sure can profit over fear, doom and group psychology.

Canada Goose Outlet Which I guess is why this is always discussed ad nausium. The more people believe, the more the belief becomes reality until, it doesn But this pattern could repeat at such an canada goose order of magnitude that it enriches people who are along for the ride.

canada goose clearance dnivi3 1 point submitted 1 day ago

canada goose store Neither of these are problems. Governments having debt isn’t problematic as long as the debt can be serviced, which it can (and will) do just fine. The problem arises if the government cannot service the debt and has to default.

buy canada goose jacket What do you mean with a “demographic time bomb”? I also don’t think demographic shifts happen that quickly. They take decades.

Canada Goose Jackets AdamJensensCoat 2 points submitted 1 day ago

The demographic time bomb of boomers retiring, going on SS and being serviced by Medicare is very real, and a budget canada goose uk outlet https://www.goosefrshop.com buster that we have conveniently ignored for the past 20 years. It used to be something really really far off. That no longer the case.

buy canada goose jacket cheap Medicare and Medicaid are obnoxiously inefficient and expensive. The problem comes when it time to service a whole generation of people for whom there isn enough infrastructure to support, and the support that is there is becoming more and more expensive.

Canada Goose online It a structural issue. I don believe it will go unsolved, but it is something that will be resolved because we confronted with reality not because there anything resembling a bipartisan effort to fix what is broken.

Back to the issue of debt We basically write IOUs to ourselves. QE canada goose uk shop back in 2009 up to today was a way of diluting some of those IOUs and taking value from canada goose store some debt holders. The debt isn an issue until we get somewhere north canada goose uk black friday of 100% GDP but Japan has MASSIVE public canada goose black friday sale debt, and they not sinking into the ocean.

canada goose coats on sale The US will remain a productive economy for the foreseeable future, so I think people who are big fans of a Weimar Republic type scenario are drinking their own fantasy kool Canada Goose Coats On Sale aid and just want a situation where their pet take on doomsday nets them a massive windfall.

cheap Canada Goose That being said there big, fat structural problems in the US Canada Goose sale economy that is expressing canadian goose jacket itself in the burden of student loans, the expense of real estate in high employment metros and possibly overvalued equities.

Canada Goose Parka I won pretend to know any more than that. canada goose coats Nor do I think there a financial apocalypse over the horizon. But I could see a scenario that renders Bitcoin very valuable, Canada Goose Parka partially because of monetary goosefrshop.com policy, but more because group psychology.

Canada Goose sale As for OP comment about equities (stocks, etc.) being denominated in dollars that ridiculous. The $ amount is an expression of the market impression of the company productivity and projected future profits. It makes no difference if you running a “dollar business” or if those stocks are valued in BTC. It doesn canada goose coats on sale change the underlying value of the asset. smh

GrillPenetrationUnit 2 points submitted 2 days ago

canada goose coats I get that, but theres a point where it crosses over from being a popular coat thats good quality and in a simple colour to being a trend that everyone jumps on. Where i live i can walk through my city in winter and if i see 100 people guaranteed at least 50 of those are wearing the black north face puffer. Its everywhere. Its been this way for at least the past 3 winters as well, so thats why its played out imo. Its part of a styleof dressing that comes from football and grime music. Both are insanely popular here, most young people outside of london dont dress skater or streetwear, they dress football or grime, canada goose factory sale which is tracksuits, north face puffers, napapijri windbreakers, uk canada goose air max 95 and 97 in triple black and stone island. The majority of these pieces are actually nice Canada Goose Jackets on their own, but when you see it styled poorly everyday and its associated canada goose clearance sale iwth a sport you dont care about, its loses cheap canada goose uk some of the appeal. But i have a north face ski jacket regardless lol

canadian goose jacket meneedmorecoffee 1 point submitted 4 days ago

Yeah, I see where you coming from. I picked your initial comment up wrong. I didn take it as you actually being impressed with Nike doing what they done and thought you meant it as more of a snide comment so apologies for coming across a bit aggressively. I think that the silhouette has gained a decent following prior to the collabs, just not with buy canada goose jacket cheap the hypebeasts as I mentioned before. Agree that the acronym and Off White collabs have certainly brought more eyes to them with that said group, though.

Personally a big fan of the vapormax more or less since they first came out, although it admittedly took me a few weeks to come Canada Goose online round to the sole. Hoping they keep bringing out more nice colourways cheap Canada Goose and don change them too much. canada goose clearance I can see them ever being up there with the likes of the AM1 in terms of their status within the community but I think they hold their ground, even without collaborative releases.

AdamJensensCoat 1 point submitted 4 days ago

I give Nike credit where it due for doubling down on Air and doing something that outrageous. Personally, I not sold on VM as a casual sneaker, but I only have one pair and have barely worn enough to give an honest appraisal of their daily wear performance.

Nothing will ever top the J1 or AM1 they the senakers of sneakers. But, it seems like the VM has now secured a place in AM history alongside AM 97 and 98. No doubt we see them retro Canada Goose Outlet in 2032 and we remember it as the sneaker of our youth.

It hard to think with Nike riding a wave of popularity this year but the VM could have been a complete dud. Remember the Air Max 2017? It was pracitcally straight to outlet. Honestly, I see VM suffering a similar same fate were it not for Nike raw marketing saavy.

AdamJensensCoat 7 points submitted 4 days ago

canada goose deals Like most of the Turkish immigrants I knew in Germany They thought Germany was whack, but they liked the economic opportunities.

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