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Apr '14

This also doubles as Hook Hand

Fatal Attractor Every one of Souma’s lovers are shown to have horrible endings. He even notices and mentions it himself. Of course, this doesn’t stop him from continuing to take lovers. He actually believes that its because he breaks up with them that they go and kill themselves or get into fatal accidents that may have been suicide attempts. Despite having a degree from Tokyo University and being a CEO of a company, Souma can be really really stupid.

canada goose Blatant Item Placement: The scientists are throwing the items into the same time travel device you went into. Parodied in one the trailers for the game showing off one of the alternate blood types. Put to “Sunshine and Lolipops”. Booby Trap: Many read more here items spawn enemies. Most notably, optional pills and small armor shards often trigger ambushes in Serious Sam I and II. In TFE, in the Oasis level, there are two health pills. Grabbing one of them causes a large Biomechanoid to spawn right next to you, but the other double subverts this in that it just causes a rapid fire usage of the spawning sound. canada goose

Canada Goose Jackets Ludicrous Precision: Jody flat out guesses it will take the Alcatraz Cannon four minutes to recharge. This turns out to be accurate to the nearest hundredth of a second. Macross Missile Massacre: Great for crowd clearing. Mad Lib Anime Title: The game’s name is Metal Wolf Chaos, which can come across as this if you don’t know that in this game, the main mecha is Metal Wolf and there’s a lot of chaos. Meaningful Name: Richard Hawk and film star Money Money Gold. Canada Goose Jackets

cheap Canada Goose Jackets Ass Shove: A Funny Background Event in 4.8. Mimic disguises himself as one of the Pixie Chicks’ speakers. Roxy plugs her guitar into him. This also doubles as Hook Hand. Handsome D’an the illithid, who’s carrying a huge axe with him. Bait and Switch: At first, it looks like the Royal Guards are out to get Mimic for revealing the secret behind Madeline getting her wings as a paladin. Turns out it’s just to arrest Robespierre for roughly manhandling Calamitus three panels ago. Bar Brawl: Madeline ends up starting one in her first appearance. Bare Your Midriff: Princess’ first outfit, and the Pixie Chicks’. Baseball Episode: Level 8 is titled “Wait. is he seriously doing a baseball episode?” Sure enough, Robespierre, Mimic, Stabs and her brothers are getting roped into such a game in the arena, to the horror of the Halflings (who were expecting good old Gladiator Games instead). However, it appears to be gnomish baseball. which, at a glance, is baseball mixed with lots of gratuitous violence. Beat Panel: Plenty. Beauty Is Never Tarnished: Inverted. All the female coprotagonists eventually happen to end up bloody, some from serious injuries. Beggar with a Signboard: In the beginning of Level 8, we see a down on his luck Calamitus lying in a dark alley with a signboard reading “Will perform EVIL 4 gold!”Alt Text: The court got Calamitus for practicing Necromancy without a license. took everything, even his material components. cheap Canada Goose Jackets

cheap Canada Goose In the final chapter, Yomi merges her soul with Kagura to take the place of Byakuei. Mind Probe: Setsuna has the Eye of Satori, which allows her to read minds. Mr. Exposition: Kensuke fills this role from time to time, usually at canada goose clearance the beginning of each chapter. Mundane Made Awesome: Master Michael’s Hepburn, a snowball machine gun. Religious and Mythological Theme Naming: Yomi is named after the Shinto underworld. The Kyuubi, the Sesshouseki, and Lord Tamamo are references to the legend of Tamamo no Mae. cheap Canada Goose

cheap Canada Goose Outlet Evil Is Not a Toy: “Incredibly creepy” rather than “evil”, but Bride of Nine Spiders’ spotlight issue in Immortal Weapons has a group of Westerners finding out just what a bad idea it is to try to summon and bind her, in a story that follows the stereotype of this type of plot. Fan Disservice: Bride of Nine Spiders seductively removing her top. to reveal that her torso is a hollow shell filled with vicious spiders. Fanservice: The Immortal Weapons, with the exception of Dog Brother 1 (due to his heavy armour) tend to wear little clothing when fighting, and the clothing they do wear tends to get torn off cheap Canada Goose Outlet.

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